How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island to your home is a great way to add storage and countertop space. The extra surface area can be a handy spot to prepare food, and it can also be a great place to set down a glass of wine or hold a book. Aside from adding a functional element to your kitchen, a kitchen island upgrade can increase your home’s resale value.

There are many different ways to upgrade your kitchen island, but the best way is to do the basics first. For example, you can update the hardware in your island cabinets, or add a built-in undercabinet lighting system. Adding these features is relatively easy, and they can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s look and feel.

The most important part of any kitchen upgrade is a well-thought out plan. You should consider how you will use the island, how much storage it will provide, and how child-friendly it will be. If you have young kids, you might not want them to run around your kitchen while you are preparing food. You should consider if you will have seating on the island, as well. You might consider installing pull-out cabinets to help reduce clutter.

You can also add an overhead pot rack, which includes hooks for items from the ceiling. This can give your kitchen a rustic, farmhouse feel. Another upgrade you might consider is a power strip, which can be placed on the island to charge electronics. You could even install USB ports for charging your mobile devices.

The kitchen island has always been a popular focal point of a kitchen. Traditionally, these are made of a variety of materials. In the past, homeowners went for the traditional metals of brushed nickel or antiqued brass. Today, they’ve ventured into copper, oil rubbed bronze, and other less common materials.

You can also paint your island base to change its color. The color should be the same as the rest of your kitchen, but it can be a fun and quick way to freshen up the space. You’ll need a little bit of painting experience to get the job done right.

Aside from the kitchen island upgrade, you might consider installing a standalone cooktop. These are available in a variety of sizes and fuel types, and they are more functional than a conventional oven. You can choose from gas, propane, induction, or even a wood burning stove.

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The kitchen island is a great addition to a kitchen, but it can be expensive. If you are considering a redesign, you should know that the cost will vary based on the size of your island, the style of your cabinetry, and your location. If you decide to have your kitchen renovated, it’s a good idea to have your countertop installed by a reputable Sacramento home remodeling company.